Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What are PERC's curreent reserves for the 2015-2016 year?
A: PERC's current reserves are approximately $170,000. Generally, non-profits maintain a reserve equal to the amount that they would normally spend in a year. PERC is budgeted to spend $140,000 this year, so the reserve amount is consistent to what is expected to be maintained.

Q: What happens if PERC cannot raise the amount of money to maintain a balanced budget?
A: PERC cannot sustain its level of spending if the budget is not balanced. The PERC board will need to make choices as to which program should be cut to maintain a balanced budget.

Q: How much is raised from each fundraiser?
A: This year, about $38,000 was made from Welcome Back Day donations, about $4,700 from the Carnival, and the rest will come from the check writing campaign, Camp Panther and the Auction. PERC also received a very generous donation from one family for $12,500.

Q: What percent of families contributed at Welcome Back Day?
A: About 62% of all families at Parkmead contributed to PERC for Welcome Back Day.

Q: Why is volunteering important for the school?
A: The strength of the school is founded on the strength of its community. By volunteering, we are building an engaging community that can better serve the needs of our children. Volunteering also adds value in a number of tangible ways. For example, if 40 people were to volunteer for a fundraiser that raises $40,000, then in effect, each volunteer made a $1,000 contribution to the school. Help, whether it is through sweat equity or monetary donations help enrich our school.